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All You Need To Know


Do you deliver to parks?

Yes, we deliver to all parks that allow inflatables. Please consult the city/park you are having your event at for more details.

Are you Insured?

Modern Bounce House is fully insured and delivers to all city, county, and state parks that allow inflatables (Varies by venue. Please contact your park/venue before booking) Generally public facilities such as parks and recreation centers require the party host to acquire additional insurance from the vendors insurance provider in order to list the city and all its officers as an undersigned in the insurance policy. Modern Bounce House meets California State Law coverage requirements.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept our payments through our website and also offer offline payment options if selected such as Zelle, Venmo & Apple Cash.

What is your Rain Policy?

We know how unpredictable Mother Nature can be. Our weather policy is one that our customers have been satisfied with since we first started in this business. You can give us a call any time to cancel your reservation. We prefer that you wait until the day of the event to cancel as the weather often improves as the day progresses. You can give us a call before 8:00 am on the day of your event to cancel your reservation or reschedule it. We understand that if you need to cancel your party due to weather, you need to make that decision as early in the morning as soon as possible. (If required non refundable deposit was made. Deposit will not be refunded). Some of our rentals can fit indoors. If this is the case instead of cancelling you have to option to moving rental in a dry area. Your child’s safety is our main concern. We reserve the right to cancel due to heavy rain or high winds. If the sky is overcast or if there is a light rain with no wind, we can still set up our bounce houses. (Once rental is setup there is no refunds). If you have already submitted a deposit, the deposit will be applied toward a future event. Once you accept the equipment, equipment is under your responsibility.We recommend not turning off the blower in any time during the rain.  Please wait until our drivers comeback to pick up the equipment. An inflatable attraction can still operate in the rain and a passing shower does nothing more than wet the unit. If that happens, DO NOT DEFLATE the unit. Simply wait for the storm to pass, wipe down the unit with a towel and continue with the fun! While that is our Inflatable rain policy, it is always important that you exercise caution when operating an inflatable and should always air on the side of caution and deflate the unit if you have any doubt on what to do.

Is there a fee if a certificate of insurance is required?

We don't charge a fee if only a certificate of insurance is needed. For any additional insurance paperwork, your venue may require at least 2 weeks in advance as this takes a longer time to process paperwork with insurance company. Additional fees do apply to certain types of paperwork that are out of the normal request, please contact us for more information at

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